Edward Ketchen

Edward G. Ketchen, Esq. is a facilitative and inclusion, general mediation practitioner, as well as an arbitrator, in a variety of subject matter areas involving people in conflict.

Mediation and Arbitration Services

Ed Ketchen provides mediation services throughout the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia.  Mediation services help resolve disputes in a variety of subject matter areas in a comfortable setting.  Mediation allows participants to have a full and honest, confidential conversation to bridge the gap caused by their  communication lapse that led to a conflict crisis.  

Ed has successfully mediated disputes in a variety of conflict areas, including disputes involving public and private contracts (including construction related disputes), workplace, discrimination, elder (including inter-family elder disputes) and family property, financial and parenting plans. He mediates for private parties, Maryland courts, public agencies and community mediation centers.  Ed also servers as a mediator training, critique coach and is also trained in collaborative law.

Edward G. Ketchen launched a general mediation and arbitration practice after leaving a Federal Government career, having served 24 years as an administrative judge with the US Army Corp of Engineers and the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals and as a trial attorney with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  He also sat as a member of the Maryland State Board of Contract Appeal for eight years deciding State of Maryland bid protest and contract claim disputes involving State of Maryland contracts.

Arbitration services provided range from large and small construction disputes (including contractor/home owner disputes) to divorce property and financial disputes. 

Admissions to practice law include the bars of the State of Maryland, the District of Columbia and the State of Tennessee (retired).  He is a certified private mediator (Mediate.com) and a certified mediator of civil cases in three Maryland circuit courts.  He also mediates cases for three Maryland district courts, including mediation as a lead mediator at the Montgomery County Maryland District Court, the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights, the Montgomery County Maryland Human Rights Commission, the Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County, Maryland, and previously for the Conflict Alternative Mediation Center (CALM), now Frederick County Maryland Mediation, in Frederick, Maryland.  He serves as Certified Ombudsman Representative at an assisted living facility in Montgomery County, Maryland. 

Ed holds degrees in Engineering and Law from the University of Tennessee, an LL.M degree from George Washington University and is a Veteran (US Army).

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